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My name is Victoria Kim. I am an illustrator with a graphic design background. After graduating from the British Higher School of Art and Design in 2015, I worked with magazines and agencies. I also used to work as a graphic designer. For many years I worked in design studios and branding agencies as a graphic designer. Now I am working as an illustrator and artist on commercial and personal projects.
In my works I like to create surrealistic worlds, combining different symbols and images, thus creating a new meaning. It is also very important for me to work with independent media and highlight various social and political issues. I work mostly with digital illustration, but I also like to mix hand-drawn and digital techniques.

The range of my interests and skills:
- Editorial illustration
- Illustration for packaging design
- Illustration for social media, apps, web pages
- Comics
- Publishing
- Art for music album/merch
- Cover for podcast
- Embroidery

Selected clients:
Esquire, Blueprint, Mediazona, Batenka, OVD info, Yandex.Praktikum, Unemployee, New literary review (publishing house), Glagolev FM, Simple App, Gurman, Holod media, One Soil, Uphill Work band.

Leading the short course at Bang Bang Education.