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My name is Victoria Kim. I am an illustrator and a graphic designer. After graduating from the British Higher School of Art and Design in 2015, I worked with magazines and agencies. I also used to work as a graphic designer. I’ve been working in design studios and branding agencies as an art director. Now I am working as an illustrator and artist on commercial and personal projects. I’m interested in collaborating with independent media and highlighting social and political issues. And it's important to me to create illustrations for products that make people's lives better as well.

The range of my interests and skills:
- Editorial illustration
- Illustration for packaging design
- Illustration for social media, apps, web pages
- Comics
- Publishing
- Art for music album/merch
- Cover for podcast
- Embroidery

Selected clients: Esquire, Blueprint, Mediazona, Batenka, OVD info, Yandex.Praktikum, Unemployee, New literary review (publishing house), Glagolev FM, Simple App, Gurman, Holod media, One Soil, Uphill Work band.
Leading the intensive course at Bang Bang Education.

Represented by Tillanelli agency.